At Lavender Blue we stock only the best designers to create an effortless and timeless style for the modern woman. Stocking brands such as Cove, Part Two, Pom Pom, Oui, Sahara, Sandwich, Toupy, Vilagallo and Wyse we have the perfect selection of clothing and accessories to create that year round wardrobe. 


Marble aim to create clothing that will empower all women to feel fabulous within themselves, while being able to express their personality through their own sense of style. Their latest collection features classic, feminine designs with a contemporary twist, that every fashionista can have fun with. Natural tones are very apparent with Marble clothing, as they focus on balancing a vibrant colour palette of natural tones, carefully crafted for women to effortlessly mix and match. With these ageless pieces, Marble hope they can make every woman feel confident and timeless in their everyday wear.

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Bella Dhal

Bella Dahl is a brand for the fun and good hearted, looking to shake up their style for more practical wear while still expressing their love for excellent style. Their flattering fits, high quality fabrics and prints to suit everyone’s personal tastes have became a wardrobe staple for many fashionistas from around the world, including much loved influencers, acclaimed celebrities and most excitingly, you! Taking inspiration from the laid back style of Southern California, Bella Dahl supplies a wide range of authentic and raw designs that allow women everywhere to embrace their inner country girl through their style. Their relaxed designs may be casual, but they are very structured and well fitted for a put together look that requires minimal effort.

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Cashmere is adored by many for being extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Cashmere is a very adaptable material, as the high moisture content of the wool means it accommodates the temperature for comfortable wear. Plus, the softness of the material makes it very luxurious and comfortable throughout the seasons. That’s why we love stocking Wyse clothing as these items are perfect all year round. This brand is about making the shopper feel their most confident and most comfortable in the clothes she wears to empower her to embrace her body.

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