About Us

Lavender Blue is all about casual style. We may have a few drop-dead gorgeous pieces which will take you through into the evening, but our principle raison d’etre is to provide the busy modern woman with a go-to stylish, luxe, comfortable workaday wardrobe.

Whether you’re doing the school run, going to work, lunching with friends or just generally out and about town, we want you to have some stylish pieces that will get you noticed, without looking as though you’ve tried too hard.

We love cashmere, quality shirts, good jeans, summer linens, stylish tunics and dresses.  We love stars, hearts and a little bit of bling, all brought to life with great accessories. 

Our venture into the on line world will be step by step.  To start with you'll find a 'bijoux' range of lovely pieces, including gorgeous, excellent quality cashmere knitwear by Warm & Co, Wyse and Cove, a stunning Spanish collection of silks and cottons by Vilagallo as well as some less expensive pieces for your summer wardrobe by Goose Island, to name but four.  You'll find a collection to suit all budgets.  If you're anything like us, sometimes you'll want to invest in a quality piece, at other times you might just want something inexpensive to add to your workaday or casual wardrobe.  Over time, we'll have both bases covered.

Our main store, in Winchcombe High Street, Gloucestershire, stocks a wider range of brands, many of which you won’t find on line, just yet…. Our staff will be happy to help you if you would prefer to pay us a visit in person.

The Lavender Blue brand was born in 2014.  We started out modestly in the Home and Garden bazaar in the Corn Hall in Cirencester. Our style has proved a hit with our Cotswold customers and visitors to the area alike.

Welcome to our on line store. We're delighted you chose to visit us, and please do let us know what styles and brands you’d like to see more of at Lavender Blue on line. We’d love to hear from you.


Happy shopping!